Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sledding and Santa

Justin's Thanksgiving Pie

Justin had to have a chocolate pie!
                          First make crust and put in pan.
                      Poke vents in the bottom
                         Pinch the edges
                           Add milk to bowl
                           Add chocolate pudding mix
                              Taste it
                                  Add pudding to crust
                                   Add cool whip on top
                                     Add sprinkles on top
                                           Show it off
                                           Taste it

Thanksgiving 2012

New turkey for our turkey parade.

                           Pilgrim Hats I made.

Adie's 1st Birthday

I know this is super late since her 2nd birthday is next month, but better late than never.
     Super cute snow outfit from Linda Lindsey (mother of Adie's namesake.)
She is so sweet she also gave her a rocking chair,suit case,teddy bear,doll, and other things that belonged her Adie.
   So excited to open her birthday box from Grandma and Grandpa T.
                        Giving her new baby doll kisses.
                          Smash cake I made for Adie.
      Cupcakes for everyone else so they don't have to eat the smashed cake.
Adie in her cute tutu and over the top bow I made her. Cute Shirt made by Tracey Johansson.

She did so awesome at smashing the cake turned out just how I wanted it.

General Conference

Justin and Grandma J. building a temple while listening to Conference.

                                 The finished product

Halloween 2012

Family of owls and our tree. These costumes were so fun to make.
                                   First made it out of foil.
                       Second covered in masking tape.
                      Third paint and glue leaves on.

Gourmet Caramel Apples 

                            Caramel Pretzel rods

Trick or Treating